• addressed to: maya knowles
  • return address: theirs
  • postmarked: boston; jan. 31
  • delivered: feb. 2

Dear Maya,

Found this Smith-Corona in your garage. I hope it’s okay to use it, I haven’t used one of these in ages... It feels nice. Takes me back. I used to write my letters home with one of these ‘cos it made me feel like whatever I had to say was more than just crappy penmanship and scribbled junk. Got like a legit feel to it, you know?

Anyway, I don’t actually have anything to say. Nothing I couldn’t say by texting, haha. But when I found this I was like, it felt sorta like.. Serendipitous. I really like that word. And yeah, serendipitous ‘cos of what you said about how you used to like letters. Snail mail, before it all became bills. Hopefully this takes you back a bit too.

Maybe write me back some time.

Yours Faithfully,