• 2 points to a player for each time he/she asks a question.
  • 3-5 points to a player for an answer selected as a favorite, depending on how many players were asked the question.
  • Double points to a player for a white-card answer selected as a favorite.
  • When a player is punched out of the game, every player responsible for that round of pummeling splits the ousted player's points.
  • 2-point bonus for each unique participant that a player has asked a question to throughout the course of the game.
  • 3-point bonus for each unused pass leftover at the end of the game.
  • 20-point bonus for having never once been slackerpunched.
  • 5% of a player's vanity bar is depleted per punch.
  • 10% is depleted per slackerpunch.

Punches will be officially dealt by an official face-puncher, but do feel free to punch people in the faces yourself whenever their answers don't meet your unreasonable standards for being selected as a favorite.


Each provided 'white card' can only be used once throughout the course of the game.

When it's used, a player's answer is immune to taking a punch for not being selected as a favorite. If, however, a white-card answer IS selected as a favorite, the player who asked the question gets punched, while the player who used the card gets double the points. (Note: A small bonus is given at the end of the game for each unused white card you have leftover, so using them is a tactical decision that's up to you!)

White-card phrases may also be adapted/rephrased to suit the way a question is posed to you. For questions with multiple blanks or parts, sneaking just one of these into your overall answer WILL set you up for the double-point bonus.


What you come up with is completely up to you. Keep it open-ended, though, so that picking a favorite is possible! Either-or, multiple-choice, and true-false questions are allowed, but an explanation should be asked for. Gender-neutral questions are encouraged, but if you must know some secret truth about a particular sex, all the players you approach with the question should be of that gender (duh).


Between rounds, bonus challenges may be issued for the heck of it. These are completely optional, but they'll give you the chance to recover your vanity bars or grab extra points.


Please try to send your questions out as soon as possible once each new round begins, so that other players have enough time to answer them! You don't wanna' be the snotsmuggler that gets people slackerpunched 'cos you were slacking.

Get in touch if you need to sit a round out due to untimely crappy circumstances—hey, it happens! 20% of your vanity bar will be instantly forfeited, but you get to not be a snotsmuggler.

Points and punches will be tallied at 9 a.m. (PST) the day after each new round begins, so have your favorites selected by then!

In cases when your question is not answered in time to make your decision: As soon as the next round begins, you can consider the slacker(s) slackerpunched and go on to select your favorite from the answers that you did receive. (If you were a snotsmuggler who asked your question late, you probably would wanna' wait the extra day before selecting your favorite.)

Players who enter the game in Round Two begin with their vanity bars depleted by the average blood-loss percentage incurred by participants in Round One.

Gamekeepers are denied any white cards, and are punched whenever they screw up. In the event that they do survive to the final round, it will briefly be considered a Christmas miracle before they are then immediately disqualified for top-secret, unmentionable reasons.