Ice-breaker Q&A meets tic-tac-toe.

Every participating player submits 3 multiple-choice questions about themselves with an answer key.

Participants are organized into groups of 4 members, with one member appointed as captain to help us keep all teams in gear.

Once all teams have been formed and all participants’ q&a’s have been submitted, a gameboard will be created with each square representing one question, and may the game begin!

During any of the available time slots, participants comment the gamepost with their choice of a square. A gamekeeper will be present to provide the square's associated question, and a player has 5 minutes to answer it.

Points are scored for correct answers, with a small twist:

Once a square has been selected, it will be flagged with the selecting team's color regardless of whether any points are scored. Whenever a team successfully connects 3 (or more) adjacent squares with their team's color, the player who selects that last square in the chain will be given an additional bonus question preset by the gamekeepers worth extra points.

The objective of the game is, namely, to get to know random bite-sized tidbits about each other, as well as to score as many points as you can for your team while strategically blocking other teams from getting any bonuses.

The winning team will receive a bounty of street cred, a cash prize of $400* sponsored by a sponsor, and a trophy to honor all that they know about members of their community!

*Winners are more than welcome to donate the full amount of their cash prize back to the cause.

Every participant has 3 turns at selecting a square.

Each turn can only be taken after a member of another team has taken a turn.

1 point is scored for correct answers to questions belonging to your own team.

2 points are scored when a question belongs to a member of another team.

2 points are scored for bonus questions.

Adjacent squares may be connected horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, but not along L-shaped corners.

If lots of participants are present and playing at the same time, please avoid chit-chatting with the gamekeeper on duty. He/she has serious business to do.

1. Get your team together*, or sign up solo and a team will be designated to you!

2. Once you have a full 4-member team, appoint a gung-ho captain.

2b. Captains! Ahoy! Please put up a public/custom post for your team to chatter, devise strategies, discuss which other teams you'll be sabotaging first, etc. (This post may also be used by us if we need to contact your team, but if it's custom-locked to protect your evil schemes, we'll reach you through your f/o.) Comment here with a link to your team post, a name for your team, and a list of your team's members.

3. Drop off your questions and answers to this screened post.

4. Hold your breath and keep your fingers crossed that teams are organized as soon as possible and everybody has their questions dropped off promptly; the gameboard will only be posted once everyone has a team and all MCQs have been submitted! (If you're running behind, don't stress! No one was actually holding their breath, and the point is we waited for you, cutie.)

*You could do this on the down low, or kill a few birds with one stone by appointing yourself the captain of a team and posting to the friends page with a shout-out for any needed members, and then turning that post into your team's chatter post!