Well, seems like I got at least one of those right. After three reboots, I’m autonomously reconfigured into a vegetative state, by the way. He thinks it prevents me from going rogue. We’ll have to be more careful. Guest: How can I be careful if I don’t even know what to be careful of? Guest: Do you know what happens during the shifts? That’s a good question. I would propose answers, but by deduction I shall assume the question was rhetorical. Do you mean to ask if I’m aware of the events that occur? Guest: Yes. Or do you only know what he tells you to know? I’m highly aware of the events that occur. It’s part of my job scope, if you will, to monitor things when his priorities are questionable -- though I’m afraid providing any further details might terminate our wonderful dialogue. The details in regard to my methods, that is. I should think that it’s fair for you to ask about specific events that concern you. Guest: The idea of someone that lives through me wanting privacy is kind of ludicrous. It's only your body. I’m currently living through a glorified iPad -- I don’t think it says a thing about what I may or may not want. Guest: My body is everything. It isn’t, I assure you. It’s a glorified iPad; you’re the fancy app that matters. Guest: I’m not bout to argue with an app I was paying you a compliment. Guest: Nah. You wasn’t. I’ve spoken publicly about how I feel about robots, apps or whatever this is. Since y’all all up in my biz. I did try to warn him against this. Guest: But he didn’t listen cause you’re a robot Guest: Brandon would’ve been nicer. He likes robots Guest: Sorry No apologies needed. I’m too impartial to take offense. Bruce doesn’t listen to me because he knows I’m right, and he abhors the idea of losing what remains of his ‘humanity’ by accepting the efficiency of purely programmatic calculations. Guest: How old is he? The rate of time passed differently where we’re from. In our years, he’s in his mid-40s. In your years he’s a fair bit older. Guest: What’s a fair bit? 18 to 25 years. Guest: I knew it What did you know? Guest: He seemed old Does he? He’s been much of the same for most of his life... Are you sure you’re not misinterpreting wisdom for age? Guest: I wasn’t getting a wise vibe. I got a teacher vibe. Guest: He called Brandon a kid. Well, the kid is kind of a man-child... Guest: Says a robot In its infantile iPad phase, yes. Guest: And a old man with no body Guest: Whatever. Point is, don’t talk shit I don’t believe I was. Guest: Man child? Is that considered an insult? I beg your pardon. Do you consider her arm yours? Guest: No Bruce has a somewhat incomparable biological composition to him. During the weeks that they’re here, one could argue that the body is more his than another’s. Guest: Looked the same to me Not under a microscope, it wouldn’t. Guest: What would it look like? Bigger. Under a microscope, his peculiarities are much bigger. Have you heard of the X-Men? Guest: He’s an X-man? Gtfo. Which one? He’s not an X-Man. I only meant to draw a comparison between plainly visible and less visible ‘mutations.’ Though, it has long been speculated that Bruce was indeed born with the X-gene, but due to an accident in his past, there’s unfortunately no way to confirm this. Guest: What kind of accident? An explosive kind. Guest: So he’s like fucked up and burnt in his real form? Yes, to both, if we consider the term ‘burnt’ in a colloquial sense. He’s been burnt quite a bit. Guest: Yikes.