Base 19B

Currently unlocated.

Gamma Base

Currently unlocated.

Alpine Lab

Underground lab situated on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Utah, just south of Salt Lake City. Notable as the site of Banner’s murder at the hands of Clint Barton and witnessed by Bruce’s subconsciously still growing shit list of supers accidental death, and currently in a state of destruction, post-terrorism/vandalism/Spider-Woman.

Provisional Science Lab

Most of hideout’s larger passages and smaller chambers (apart from the direct path between the containment vault and main entrance) are semi-tidily strewn with miscellaneous unused lab equipment that’s been accumulated/hoarded over the years, but this area is where Banner considers his lab proper, provisionally dedicated to the facilities required for his most current R&D at any given time. For all of his mad-scientist jokes and implicit Batman envy, working for extended periods in a cavernous subterranean environment really isn’t always the most conducive, and the space had been eventually furnished with a ceiling, flooring and walls of fortified aluminum and poorly painted concrete, portions of the lab resembling a military bunker while other sections remain more classically ‘clinical’.

All-Purpose Chamber

The largest of the interconnecting chambers of the hideout with an approximate ceiling height of about 17ft, (usually) used for all the non-science, non-tech things. Comprises a crappy kitchenette and a cheap single bed, Rick Jones’ old recreation nook (ie. television, radio, VHS because ancient, the board game Sorry! and Scrabble), and two points of easy/emergency access to the cave’s sole washroom, while the rest of the central floorspace is usually kept clear due to reasons.

Boiler Room

Contains the mechanical and electrical utilities that power the hideout.

Survival Cache

Glorified pantry. Once regularly maintained with care by Betty Ross, the cache now usually stocks just the bare basics for super-long-term underground survival. (Current estimation: 940 days with no guests or pets or Hulks.)

Gamma Ray Machine

The second version of a device able to detect, measure and record levels of gamma radiation, as well as project concentrated beams of it, based on the same technology behind the Gamma Bomb that initially altered Banner’s biological structure. For a period of time, it was used to project restricted doses to trigger transformations that allowed him to retain his intellect, though this soon became unreliable/hazardous in its effects and the machine was decommissioned from serving that purpose.


Though not exactly known for his weapons technology, this dual-entry chamber would normally contain a collection of Banner’s various personal combat artillery prototypes. Currently empty; mysteriously void of even its reinforced structural surfaces and counter-espionage installations.

Containment Vault

A ten-foot thick, steel-reinforced concrete slab and hydraulic press mechanism functions as a ‘seal’ between this isolated chamber and the rest of the hideout; originally built way back in the day to contain the Hulk, though generally with inconsistent success depending on just how angry the big guy gets.

Main Entrance

What began as a mere crevice is now a visibly noticeable gash into the mountainside that further widens into the typical entrance zone of a cave, a small grotto no less sizeable enough for larger wildlife to occasionally take shelter in. Within is the rock-camouflaged, secured access route that leads down a long winding flight of stone steps into the main chamber of the cave.

Exit West

The narrowest of the tunnels that lead above ground, once past the vaulted access point into the hideout; initially planned to be entirely sealed off before a west-named escape route was deemed a bit of an OCD necessity.

Exit North

Seven miles of a direct tunnel lead from the vaulted access point into one of the sections of the Lechuguilla Cave open to the public, hidden behind a layer of literal batshit camouflage.

Exit East

Three miles of a gently upsloping passage lead from the vaulted access point to the 112-foot entrance pit that then requires the use of climbing equipment before resurfacing on one of the mountain range’s peaks.

Exit South

The trickiest of the contingency access/escape routes; requires a 19-mile trek farther through the cave system’s maze of unexplored passages, the eventual (known) exit located across the Mexican border.

Teleportation Hatch (AZ)

Looks like a cave wall, acts like a revolving door that instantaneously connects the main hideout to the base in Arizona. [Currently out of service.]

Teleportation Hatch (NV)

Looks like a cave wall, acts like a revolving door that instantaneously connects the main hideout to the base in Nevada. [Currently out of service.]

Teleportation Hatch (UT)

Looks like a cave wall, acts like a revolving door that instantaneously connects the main hideout to his lab in Utah.