unlocked incentives

absorb life absorption life absorption control super strength flight
arcum hawkeye's bow trick arrows master archer martial arts memories of clint barton memories of young avengers
bang personal teleportation device superhuman stamina superhuman agility superhuman reflexes enhanced strength regenerative healing factor katanas bottomless satchel weapons master master combatant
betrayal telekinesis astral projection astral teleportation mental amnesia sorcery demon physiology psionic blasts basic telepathy telepathy goblin force concussive force blasts shadow morphing goblin queen costume phoenix spark mind alteration telepathic cloak telepathic illusions memories of the x-men memories of nathan summers x-mansion (cerebro)
burglary advanced hand-to-hand combat original catsuit cat claws cat whip acrobatics thievery memories of catwoman
caped kryptonian physiology solar energy absorption invulnerability superhuman stamina superhuman strength superhuman senses superhuman speed heat vision flight multilingualism new52 costume kara danver's glasses red lantern suit KR-1 rocket bike super-breath solar flares sonic scream hand-to-hand combat red lantern power ring red lantern power battery sanctuary ai kelex star cruiser sanctuary blood lake department of extranormal operations headquarters (war room, medical room)
confine accelerated healing factor
conjuration hex bolts
demonian empathy
feisty hand to hand combat gun web shooter bracelets
harlequins enhanced strength enhanced gymnast skills enhanced agility toxins immunity hand-to-hand combat penitentiary (arkham asylum) intensive treatment (arkham asylum) medical facility (arkham asylum) accelerated healing enhanced stamina jester costume mallet memories of harley quinn
havania wings alien phyisology red lantern ring red lantern power battery uncontrollable rage memories of bleez
intuitivism malleable form telepathy
languages teleportation superhuman stamina superhuman speed superhuman durability superhuman strength regenerative healing allspeak expert combatant expert swordsman dragonfang special sword from odin memories of thor
magikal stepping discs sorcery soul sword
magnetron photonic blasts superhuman strength flight superhuman stamina superhuman speed superhuman relexes regenerative healing superhuman agility master pilot hand-to-hand combat memories of avengers memories of captain marvel
metagenes electrical transformation electroblasts flight
modifying metamorphic adaptation blue skin skull bombs
novastar superhuman durability hand-to-hand combat linguistic assimilation prime earth costume titan's tower (living quarters, main ops room, gym, t-car, t-ship, hanger, evidence room, rooftop helipad, garage, tower launch pad, basement, infirmary, Danger room, game room, laundry room) hmss starfire tamaranean physiology energy absorption starbolts flight superhuman strength superhuman stamina new earth costume self Sustenance interstellar travel medical knowledge intimidation leadership tactical analysis swordsmanship firearms knowledge aviation knowledge memories of koriand'r memories of tamaran memories of being starfire memories of teen titans memories of the outlaws
occultism telepathy reality alteration
prodigy animorphism enhanced endurance superhuman senses acrobatics expert level martial arts the spear of bashenga
radiate superhuman strength x-ray vision
rains weather manipulation weather mimicry superhuman durability energy vision willpower/telepathic resistance expert combatant multilingual weapon proficiency tactician expert master thief blue eyes aviation black bird (x-men jet) white hair marvel NOW era costume x-mansion (basketball court, blackbird hangar, living spaces, security, greenhouse, danger room) savage lands magic potential power of divinity and faith teleportation knife & staff lockpicks stormcaster asgard armor 2000s era uniform original storm uniform extraordinary x-men uniform white era uniform ancestral ruby expert gardener memories of the x-men memories of wakanda memories of life before x-men memories of the avengers
roving regenerative healing
screaming master martial arts acrobatics birds of prey clocktower living quarters (birds of prey clocktower) canary cry superhuman strength superhuman durability tactical analysis suit/armor gotham city garage costume hall of justice combat training center (birds of prey clocktower) combat training center (hall of justice) new 52 armor team 7 armor red league suit martial arts arsenal investigation bo staff canary cry bombs rechargeable wings memories of the justice league memories of childhood memories of star city
sleeplessagent master combatant peak human speed enhanced agility enhanced durability widow's gauntlets memories of natalia romanova avengers mansion (gymnasium)
spidering master martial artist
squirrely prehensile tail superhuman strength communication with squirrels memories of squirrel girl
steelcuffs demi-goddess empowerment super strength flight
steelgrip martial arts mastery expert marksmanship bionic left arm detective skill interrogation expert knightwing restorations, inc. office memories of misty knight
stinger size reduction size addition statures suit
themyscira superhuman durability enhanced healing factor superhuman strength superhuman stamina superhuman reflexes superhuman speed superhuman agility empathy flight enhanced senses resistance to magic wisdom of athena indomitable will weaponry master combatant aviation tiara invisible jet lasso of truth Sword of Hephaestus bracelets of submission amulet of harmonia Themyscira
toxickiss new earth poison ivy costume botany pheromone control toxikinesis toxic immunity chlorokinesis skin pigment manipulation toxicology genetics seduction green skin hand-to-hand combat prime earth poison ivy costume memories of pamela isley memories of poison ivy memories of gotham memories of sporelings memories of batrogues arkham asylum (botanical gardens) robinson park
unseeable invisibility shockwaves psionic force fields fantastic four uniform fanstic flare universal translator memories of being sue storm memories of the fantastic four
vibrational vibration manipulation enhanced reflexes enhanced speed enhanced endurance enhanced strength espionage skills expert martial artist sky cycle avengers mansion (computer systems) memories of daisy johnson
violetlight star sapphire ring star sapphire battery superhuman strength superhuman durability superhuman stamina
watersheds alien physiology amphibian ability hydrokinesis enhanced senses hand-to-hand combat enhanced durability enhanced strength enhanced swimming speed superhuman jumping telepathy mera's crown mera's trident armored suit shell of sounds atlantis memories of mera memories of atlantis memories of the justice league
wolfshift Lycanthropy hyperkeen senses enhanced strength enhanced reflexes enhanced speed regenerative healing factor enhanced size secondary mutations wolfbane's collar scottish accent memories of rahne sinclair
aquatrident hydrokinesis Atlantean Biological Adaptation marine telepathy superhuman strength superhuman stamina superhuman durability memories of aquaman triedent of neptune
audiovisual superhuman durability martial arts stealth
apollus memories of harvey dent
avocados master acrobat enhanced reflexes enhanced hearing blindness daredevil's billy clubs master martial artist black and yellow costume hightened sense of taste heightened sense of smell heightened sense of touch memories of matt murdock avengers mansion (fabrication & robotics lab)
birdseye master archer perfect vision master marksman master martial artist peak human reflexes peak human conditioning classic hawkeye costume master marksman peak human reflexes memories of clint barton
brutal advanced hand to hand combat perfect marksmanship wrist guns body armor deadshot's helmet
bugs the bug baby-bugs beetle gun gadgetry acrobatics martial arts memories of ted kord
cheonjae hulk transformation device skilled hacker increased psionic resistance absolute strength limitless stamina nigh-invulnerability superhuman speed reactive adaptation regeneragtive healing gamma radiation/energy manipulation & emission calvin klein a.i. suit memories of amadeus cho
cloned tactile telekinesis kryptonian physiology solar energy absorption invulnerability 90s costume memories of superboy memories of teen titans
destructible firearms proficency robin suit memories of the batfam
icebergs trick umbrella genius intellect criminal mastermind
jokers regeneration pain resistance joker venom joker venom immunity cheating death green eyes escapology superhuman strength superhuman durability indomitable will telepathic immunity advanced knowledge of firearms joy buzzer green hair cosmic awareness class="six">arkham asylum ace chemicals joker teeth gadgetry poison flower brooch genius level intellect explosives amusement mile
kyujutsu trick arrows regenerative healing factor clairvoyance green arrow ashram martial arts green arrow costume (new earth) aikido archery green arrow's bow star city the arrowcave trophy room (hall of justice) main conference room (hall of justice)
magnets magnetokinesis elepathic resistance astral projection genius-level intellect memories of magneto
malefic demonic features magical manipulation skilled sorcerer superhuman stamina regenerative healing shapeshifting hotel inferno (casino floor, hotel rooms, penthouse suite/prison)
misconduct sorcery shapeshifting regenerative healing psionics superhuman strengthskilled combatant
officer master acrobat nightwing suit
pool teleportation device bea and arthur (katanas) holographic image inducer classic costume bea arthur (spaceship) superhuman strength magic weapons satchel superhuman reflexes superhuman stamina master martial artist superhuman durability possession resistance master assassin weapon x facility science labs (x-mansion) immortality x-men costume x-force costume regenerative healing factor memories of weapon x memories of deadpool
projection conjuration magical ward creation pyrokinesis astral projection energy projection
racer superhuman speed
refueled green lantern power ring hand-to-hand combat green lantern power battery emerald sight indomitable will lantern sector house 2814 (living quarters, central computer, recreation facilities) memories of the green lantern corps memories of the justice league memories of jessica cruz
scarecrow scarecrow mask fear toxin chemistry intimidation psychology martial arts genius intellect memories of jonathan crane
schwarbage kryptonian batsuit
singe pyrogenesis fire immunity flight superhuman durability
slinger wall crawling spider sense superhuman strength web shooters classic spider-man costume
smaller pym particles ant man's suit ant man's helmet ant man's wrist gauntlets ant man's ants
solitude superhuman strength superhuman senses superhuman stamina flight invulnerability energy matrix super speed indomitable will expert combatant genius level intellect kryptonite-suit fortress of solitude healing factor omnilingual new earth blue and red supersuit in cv memories of superman
soviets cybernetically enhanced physiology bionic left arm enhanced reflexes enhanced durability accelerated cognitive processes winter soldier's body armor modified guns weapons master peak human agility peak human strength master combatant master spy master acrobat memories of the winter soldier avengers mansion (combat simulator)
swamps elemental elemental control chlorokinesis update pass (3 randoms)
tactician regenerative healing factor superhuman strength flight superhuman agility superhuman stamina superhuman speed weather control mjolnir thor's armor memories of thor
terminate right eye blindness enhanced strength enhanced senses regenerative healing slade's cabin (with living quarters) enhanced stamina enhanced durability enhanced speed limited precognitive visions enhanced intellect enhanced reflexes enhanced agility adapation advanced hand-to-hand combat high level swordsmanship intimidation gadgetry nth metal armor/mask demolitions expert dual katanas flash grenades meditation stealth marksmanship ikon suit/mask escapology weapon knowledge & proficiency energy lance/staff god killer sword tactical analysis promethium broad sword standard armor memories of deathstroke's legacy
torche blue lantern ring blue lantern battery yellow lantern ring yellow lantern battery
tsume medical/surgical facilities (x-mansion) healing factor bone claws adamantium skeleton superhuman senses superhuman durability telepathic resistance superhuman strength animal empathy acrobatic skills superhuman speed superhuman stamina superhuman agility superhuman reflexes insulated weather adaptation 90s era x-men costume avengers mansion (medical facilities, dining facilities, living quarters)
verdoyer avengers mansion Banner Hideout B-733 Extrasensory Perception increased psionic resistance reactive adaptation Gamma Irradiated Physiology gamma radiation emission & manipulation superhuman speed Intrinsically Limitless Strength Regenerative Healing Factor avengers' quinjet bannertech flyspy cams BannerTech Nanoparticulates Containment Vault (Banner Hideout B-733) gamma ray projector the leader's teleportation tech Super-Genius Intelligence Wrist-Watch Teleporter Old Power Taser Banner Tech PDA BannerTech Gamma Dome Detector BannerTech Armor BannerTech Satchel BannerTech personal forcefield BannerTech contact lens citadel of science alpine lab